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UK Scottish Terrier Champions 1888 to 1999

Peter Hunter has again kindly shared the following with the Club - it is an excellent read and we hope you enjoy it.

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UK Scottish Terrier Champions 1888 – 1999


In the 1970’s, Neatha Robinson (“Gilwyn”) of San Francisco, USA, and I, (Peter Hunter of Sydney, Australia), created a Display Collection of UK Scottish Terrier Champions, in the form of a series of Boards on which were mounted photos and matching pedigrees. The photos were largely drawn from materials loaned by Chink and Muriel Owen (“Gaywyn”), of the UK. The pedigrees were researched from the Dorothy Caspersz Pedigrees and manually typed up on cards by Neatha. This Display then was shown at various Dog Shows in the UK, the USA, and Australia.


Recently, I decided to produce an updated version of this Collection, in digital form, to allow easy sharing among Scottie enthusiasts, and to ensure its long-term preservation. Fortunately, original negatives were still available for scanning. In looking to add material from the 1970’s to 1999 my online research soon resulted in the formation of a team including  Janet Tomlinson (“Aerohill,” USA) and Catherine Owen  (“Gaywyn,” UK). We have worked together to refine the accuracy of the pedigree data and to obtain further photos. This teamwork has dramatically improved the quality of the final product.


There is no intention of this being a commercial project. It is meant to simply share the accomplishments of many dedicated people – Breeders, Owners, and Officials, who have worked tirelessly over more than a Century to evolve the Scottish Terrier into the outstanding Breed it is today. 


Any donations of further photographs (or improved versions of existing ones presented here) would be appreciated in helping to complete this period of coverage 1888 – 1999. Appendix I lists photos still to be found.


Champions are numbered and portrayed by photograph and pedigree in order of gaining their Championship. There are occasional numbering anomalies in early years (from the “Caspersz Pedigrees” – see later). 


Appendix II is an Alphabetical List to enable easy location of a particular Champion.


We trust you’ll enjoy browsing this history - the photographs, pedigrees, and “A Review of the Twentieth Century”  written by Catherine Owen.



Peter Hunter                        Catherine Owen                Janet Tomlinson                          

Stud Book History - by Peter Hunter

The STC would like to thank the following, Peter Hunter for compiling all this information and the Australian Canine Controlling Bodies in each of the states for supplying their archived records for our breed.  


Hi Leanne,
It was great to see the history of our scotties on the new webpage.  How exciting to see all the dogs that have been imported, and who knew there had been so many scottie breeders.  


I have spent hours reading through the new information.  Wouldn’t it be great if there were photos of some of Australia’s earliest scotties.
Love the pages


Thanks Narrelle Miners

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