STC 2021 Calendar

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to be featured in the calendar

Hello everyone,

The Scottish Terrier Club Inc has asked me to help them put a 2021 calendar together so I would like to introduce myself; my name is Aberdeen Murray Millden and I am 12 years of age. Most people know me as 'Mungo' or my alter ego "Batman".

My mum loves to take photos of dogs, my niece Orin and me on a regular basis and at times we are, reluctant models. Mum has only one picture of her partner on her phone but 3,254 ones of us!


I’m sure many of you scotties have also suffered the constant clicking of cameras and phones in your faces. Therefore 'WE' (scotties) need to get something from all this work apart from the treats, walks, car rides, play time and food...but definitely not baths!

So get snapping and send in those calendar shots....

To be eligible your photos must meet the following criteria -

  • open to EVERYONE who is a member of the STC Inc 

  • open to all Scotties, black, wheaten  brindle, tall, short, fat, thin, muscular, handsome, elderly, missing teeth, distinguished, beautiful etc.

  • posing as a natural, dressed up, wearing a hat, be on the beach, surfing, guarding, relaxing and of course just being a Scottie

  • not to be show or professional images

  • cannot contain any advertising, not even Chum

  • can only be entered that have been taken by your owner, not by anyone else

  • not to include any people big or small

  • submitted in a digital format

  • minimum of 4.5 megapixel

  • The photos will be printed on high quality paper so HIGH RESOLUTION is essential or they may not make the cut. You know, so that our features are of the highest quality!

  • You can enter as many photos as you would like

  • Don't forget to send in your name too.

Mum is going to collect all photos so please upload them below using the link 'Upload photos here'.

However, prior to submitting your photos please get your owner to read the Terms and Conditions.  Submitting your photographs below means you accept the Terms and Conditions and general rules of our calendar.

Calendars will be ready for your Christmas Scottie Stocking and will be a good weight to send overseas too.

Entries close 1 September 2020


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