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Or for Membership Renewal and New Memberships
Step 1 
There are 2 options, Option A and B (scroll down)
Option A - Payment Online
Please complete the below form, you will then be directed to the payment page for processing.  
NEW MEMBERS: Please note that all new membership applications will need to complete an application form (below) with nominations and seconders, prior to being approved as a member. This is Step 2 of the process. 
Please select from the following options:
Do you own a Scottie?
Add to STC Breeder List @ $10 per year?
Sash or donation to STC for $25?

Option B - Payment Via EFT or Cheque and Manual Forms

Please print out the appropriate forms below and following the instructions.

Click on link for form for new membership and to renew

New & Renew Membership Application form

Breeders List - application

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