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Or for Membership Renewal and New Memberships
Step 1 
There are 2 options, Option A and B (scroll down)

Option A - Payment Online
Please complete the below form, you will then be directed to the payment page for processing.  
NEW MEMBERS: Please note that all new membership applications will need to complete an application form (below) with nominations and seconders, prior to being approved as a member. This is Step 2 of the process. 
Please select from the following options:
Do you own a Scottie?
Add to STC Breeder List @ $10 per year?
Rosette/Sash or donation to STC for $25?

Don't forget to complete the form
Click on link for form for new membership and to renew

New & Renew Membership Application form

Breeders List - application

Option B - Payment Via EFT or Cheque and Manual Forms

Please print out the appropriate forms below and follow the instructions.

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