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Breeders & Puppy Info​


Choosing a breed takes much time and thought. Gather as much information as you can and learn the characteristics and temperament of potentially suitable breeds. Talk to and visit breeders or go to dog shows and other events where you can meet and handle dogs of all ages. The following pamphlets have been produced by DogsNSW to assist  finding the right puppy

Websites of interest - mentioned on our Podcasts

This is a toy site that also make toys for zoo animals as they are tough and lasting



This is the kennel that was mentioned on the podcast - caring for your pet when you go on holidays.  Always go and have a look at the kennel you are proposing to use before you go.

Free Books on Puppy training

These books are essential reading for all owners of dogs under 12 months of age and will show you how to prevent problems like house-soiling and destructive chewing, and how to raise a dog that is quiet, calm and well mannered as well as obedient and confident around people. 

Visit and click on Training Textbook for more free advice on training and behaviour. Dr Dunbar’s BEFORE & AFTER books above have been made available free of charge courtesy of the author, through an initiative of The Siberian Husky Club of NSW Inc 

Our very own Scottie training expert, Marion Bollard has reviewed this initiative and believes the information is vital for new owners. She says "Anything that educates people before they buy a dog is a good thing.  Having taught puppy classes for over five years now I've seen a lot of people who have bought a puppy with no real idea of what to expect or do.  A lot also have very unreal expectations."

The STC Inc has very few rescues. We believe education is the key to reducing rescues even more.

Click Here for a FREE Download

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Additional Resources

Ian Dunbar’s Behavioural Blueprints
Customisable for your own club, and available from


Link to Delta Society Australia, to help people find a qualified behavioural trainer near them, or

Link to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia, to help people find a training group near them

Link to the AVSAB Position Statements on Dominance & Punishment, to help educate people about alternatives to outdated training methods involving dominance and punishment:, or

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