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Club Regulations


REGULATIONS Effective 11th March 2008

To be read in conjunction with Dogs NSW Constitution for Affiliates


Previous versions of the Regulations are to be retained in the Club Archives.


“Member” means a person over sixteen years of age who is the registered owner or part owner of a Scottish Terrier registered with a recognised Kennel Control or a member of a household one of whom is the owner or part owner of a Scottish Terrier registered with a recognised Kennel control.

 “Honorary Life Member” means a person admitted in accordance with procedure as outlined in the “Constitution for Affiliates” for “honorary” membership and who shall be entitled to all privileges of membership other than to submit himself for any office in the Club or to move or vote on any proposition.

 “Breeder” means a person who has been a member of The Scottish Terrier Club Incorporated or other recognised Terrier organisation for eighteen (18) consecutive months and at the time of application to be placed on the Club’s “List of Breeders” is a financial member of The Scottish Terrier Club Incorporated and the holder of a registered breeder’s prefix.

3. MEMBERSHIP (6. p 6)

Insert the word “thirty” in the space provided in the second line of Clause 6 of the “Constitution for Affiliates

Any person who has been a member of the Club for a minimum period of five consecutive years who ceases to be the owner of a Scottish Terrier may make application for readmission to membership in accordance with Clause 11 of the “Constitution for Affiliates”.

4. APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP (9-12, pp 6-7) with

Any member who fails to renew his Club membership by the 30th June in any year shall be afforded the opportunity to apply to renew the membership on or before the 31st December in that same year upon payment of the annual membership fee.

A record of all members re-applying for membership shall be available at each General Meeting.


The Annual subscription shall be as determined from time to time by members in General Meeting assembled.

6. OFFICE BEARERS (23. p 9)

The Office Bearers of the Club shall be financial members of the DOGS NSW in accordance with Regulations Part I, Clause 10, of the DOGS NSW “Articles of Association” and “Regulations”.

The Office Bearers of the Club shall be:

1.      The President;

2.      Vice-President

3.      Secretary;

4.      Treasurer;

The committee to elect the people to various jobs such as Minute Secretary, Publicity Officer, Social Secretary and Show Secretary as they see fit to execute the duties of the Committee

All Office Bearers may stand for re-election provided that no member unless otherwise determined by the members shall hold the same office for more than three years in succession. Any period relating to a member appointed to fill a casual vacancy shall not count as service for the purposes of this Regulation.


The following official positions shall be filled by ballot of members present at the Annual General Meeting:

1.      Editorial Committee — 3;

2.      Trustees — 2;

3.      Librarian;

4.      Patrons - 3;

5.      Auditor;

6.      Public Officer;

7.      Show Manager;

8.      Trophy Steward;

9.      Point Score Steward.         

With the exception of the Point Score Steward all the above Officials shall assume office immediately following the Annual General Meeting.

The Point Score Steward shall take up duties the day following the holding of the Club’s Spring Championship Show.

8 COMMITTEE (26. p 10)

Insert the word “Seven” in the space provided in the first line of Clause 26 “Constitution for Affiliates”.


The Executive Officers of the Club shall be the President, Secretary and the Treasurer who shall act on any urgent matter that may arise and report back to the General Meeting.


 At the end of Clause 46 insert the following paragraph -

“Any member who has paid the current year’s membership fee prior to the commencement of the Annual General Meeting shall be eligible to participate in the Annual Election of Club Office Bearers, Committee and others as set out in Regulations 7 and 8.”

11. SUBCOMMITTEES (51. p 13)

The President, Secretary and Treasurer are ex officio members of all committees.

12. GENERAL MEETING OF MEMBERS (53. 55 AND 59. pt 14-15)

1.      Clause 53 -The Annual General Meeting shall be held in August of each year following the Open Show

2.      Four General Meetings of the Club shall be held in each year

  1. Easter Championship Show;

  2. Open Show following the Annual General Meeting; and

  3. Spring Championship Show and

  4. Christmas Lunch and Award Presentation

At the discretion of the Club Committee additional general meetings may be called if the Committee deems the volume of accumulated general business warrants the holding of a general meeting provided at least 21 days’ written notice of the venue, date and time of any such meeting is forwarded all members.

3.      The quorum at a General Meeting shall be six members.

13. TRUSTEES (69. ~ 16)

1. All Show equipment of the Club shall be vested in two Trustees who shall hold same for and on behalf of the Club and present an inventory of such Club property held to the Annual General Meeting in each year.

2. All goods for sale by the Club shall be in the custody of the Treasurer who shall hold and sell same for and on behalf of the Club and present an inventory of stock on hand to the Annual General Meeting in each year.

14. PROPERTY (70, ~ 16)

Library: The Club shall maintain a library and the charge per book shall be as determined from time to time by members in General Meeting assembled.

A list of books shall be available on request; members to make selection and collect at a Club meeting or cover all mailing costs.

The Club may make an annual allowance for the purchase of new library books, the amount of such allowance to be determined each year.


Sinking Fund: The Club’s Sinking Fund of three hundred dollars ($300) shall be used only in an emergency.

Any withdrawal of the Sinking Fund or part thereof shall be subject to Notice of Motion passed at a General Meeting by a majority of not less than three-fourths of members voting in person thereat.

16. PERPETUAL TROPHIES (part of Club property)

1.      The Club has no objection to accepting perpetual trophies subject to the following conditions:

  1. The Committee shall deem the trophy reasonable;

  2. The terms and conditions of competition shall be specified by the donor and/or the donor’s nominees;

  3. that such conditions shall be deemed reasonable; and

  4. acceptance of the trophy and conditions are approved by members in General Meeting assembled.

2.      A list of Perpetual Trophies of the Club and their criteria is to be held by the Treasurer. 
A non member of the club cannot hold a perpetual trophy.

3.      Holders of perpetual trophies shall return the trophies in good condition in the provided box at the appropriate time to permit presentation to the succeeding winners.

4.      The winner shall arrange for and meet the cost of engraving. In the event an exhibit owned by a non-member wins an event covered by the club perpetual trophies, the club will engrave the year and name of dog or prefix whichever is required

17. PATRONS (82. p 18)

Insert the word “three” in the space provided in the second line of Clause 82 of the “Constitution for Affiliates”.


The Club shall publish annually an official Scottish Terrier Club journal and an Editorial Committee shall be elected to produce this publication.

All material to be submitted to the Executive Officers for perusal and approval prior to printing/distribution.

19. SHOWS AND PARADES (84. p 18)

1.      The Club shall conduct two Championship Shows (an Easter Championship Show and a Spring Championship Show) and one Open Show.

2.      Entry fees shall be as determined from time to time by members in General Meeting assembled.

3.      The Club shall underwrite provision of In Show trophies to an amount as determined by members from time to time. At the same time the Club encourages donation of trophies by members and other persons interested.

20. JUDGES (85. p 18)

Election of judges to be on the “first past the post” principle. Approaches to judges shall be in order of election, i.e. highest vote received - first, and so on.

All ballot papers to be destroyed immediately following Declaration of the Poll.


Each year the Club shall conduct a Point Score Competition and it shall be applicable only to exhibits owned by Club members.

Terms of entry for the Point Score, awards etc. shall be determined by the Club from time to time.


The following procedure shall apply to the keeping of Club records:

1. Accounts and receipts shall be held for seven (7) years.

2. A fully marked catalogue of each Club fixture shall be retained by the Club for record purposes.

3. All Minute Books shall be kept.

4. All correspondence shall be kept for five (5) years and then disposed of other than matters of historic importance.


1. The Club shall assist breeders place their Scottish Terrier Stock.

2. This assistance shall be in the form of a “List of Breeders” to be compiled and maintained by the Club. For inclusion on the “list of Breeders” members will make application on a form to be supplied after meeting the criteria of “Breeder” (Regulation 2).

4. This “List of Breeders” will be supplied to potential purchasers on enquiry.

5. The Club shall not enter into any negotiations or discussions relating to price or be held responsible for the quality of any breeder’s stock.

6. In the event of extreme hardship to any individual or Scottish Terrier the Club Executive is empowered to render such assistance as it may deem appropriate.


The Funds of the Club shall be derived from annual subscriptions of members, donations, entry fees and other income associated with Club fixtures and, subject to any resolution passed by the Club in General Meeting, such other sources as the Committee determines.


1. The common seal of the Club shall be kept in the custody of the Public Officer.

2. The common seal shall not be affixed to any instrument except by authority of the Committee and the affixing of the common seal shall be attested by the signatures either of two members of the Committee or of one member of the Committee and of the Public Officer or Secretary.


The records, books and other documents of the Club shall be open to inspection, free of charge, by a member of the Club at any reasonable hour.

27. ALTERATION OF REGULATIONS (86-88. pp 18-19)

Any amendment of or addition to these Regulations shall be subject to the same procedure as detailed in Clauses 86 to 88 of the 1’Constitution for Affiliates”.


The liability of a member of, The Scottish Terrier Club Incorporated to contribute towards the payment of the debts and liabilities of the Club or the cost, charges and expenses of the winding-up of the Club is limited to the amount, if any, unpaid by the member in respect of membership of the Club as required by Rule 14 and Regulation 5.

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