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The Scottish Terrier Club Inc. NSW - Australia
Our Club was formed in 1937 to promote the breeding and showing of Scottish Terriers. The club aims to help both show and pet owners with our knowledge of the breed. Whilst based in New South Wales, we have members across Australia and the world. The club conducts a number of specialty shows as well as attends selected shows in mass to promote the Scottish Terrier in the Community. Like all dog breeds, we are highly competitive in the ring, but when the judging is finished we all join together to make the day a social occasion.  
President's, Secretary's and Treasurers Reports for 2023


Carole Goldsworthy 


Leanne Rose - 0402 228 446 or E: 


Karren Fergusson

Vice President

Warren Goldsworthy, Terry Peck (Public Officer)

Committee Members 

Susie Campbell

Cyndi Quinn

Sally McNamara

Mary-Lou Keating

Rachael Goldsworthy

Colin Quinn


Carole Goldsworthy 
Eva Karlik 
Helen Westbury 

Rescue Coordinator

Warren Goldsworthy - 0458 747 747 or E:

Web Manager & Show Manager

Leanne Rose - E:   M:  0402 228 446

Show Secretary & Ribbon Steward 

Susie Campbell

Trophy Steward

Mary-Lou Keating

Point Score Steward

Vicki Campbell  E:

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